Chi & I

Let me begin by saying that Chi/Qi/Energy most definately exsists. The first problem is using foreign words to describe it. Instantly giving it a mystical and mysterious aura. The second problem is the percieved applications. Most of the negativity and scepticism orbiting around the combat applications. It is now becoming a scientific reality, so let … Continue reading Chi & I

Makin’ Shapes

Shapes are at the root of our biology. From the circles of our creation, to the triangles that give us strength in posture. Shapes we make when we move. Shapes we make when we use the movement. Geometry can be a very scientific and esoteric subject to talk about. But if we keep it simple … Continue reading Makin’ Shapes

Dusk ’til Dawn

This will be one of my more brooding, but hopefully brightening blogs. I am certainly no stranger to dark times. As I am sure are most of you reading this are not. I have found that no matter how dark it gets, once you reach the dawn, things inevitably brighten up. Considerably so. But during … Continue reading Dusk ’til Dawn

PowerPoint SD

This blog is centred around the horrible fact that the soul has been torn out of todays Martial Arts. The reason for this, in my opinion, is due to the meteoric rise of Supposed ‘Self Defence’. There is a never ending list of people that try to make a system out of something that has … Continue reading PowerPoint SD