The Lactic Myth

This little blog is about something I have believed since being officially educated in the field of physiology. The belief is that Lactic Acid is a fuel, not a waste product that people are generally led to believe. It can be the reason we get stiff, the reason we tire and the reason our muscles … Continue reading The Lactic Myth

Single Body Muscle

    It was requested that I do a blog about the ‘Single body muscle’ theory. This theory hinges on how people percieve the function of Myofascial tissue. The definition would be that it is the fascia that surrounds and(heres the defining part) separates layers of muscle. Single body muscle is not an official term … Continue reading Single Body Muscle

Padwork – pt2

In keeping with the advanced padwork theme in part1, Im going to talk a little about freeflow work. Without doubt my favourite form of padwork. It really should’nt be used until the basics have been nailed down. If not then you are really just slapping the pads around. Something I find useful as a bit … Continue reading Padwork – pt2

Padwork – pt1

  The thing with padwork is distancing. Bio-mechanics should have been grasped by this stage. Timing is something we can only properly develop through live training. Something that is easier to develop in a controlled format is distancing, through our padwork in this case. Not so much the distance between the pad and the striker. … Continue reading Padwork – pt1

Simple Self Defence

  People are tricked into thinking that self defence is simple. It is not simple, it is instinctual. The problem is that our instincts have become numb and the efficiency of our body mechanics are pretty much a mystery to most people these days. A good example is when teaching my mother the lateral step … Continue reading Simple Self Defence


  This blog begins just before my Thai Boxing years. I was training hard, not in Martial Arts at that time as I was more interested in the art of music at that point. But still, Martial Arts were still missing from my life. A love lost when the local Judo club closed and we … Continue reading My JKD